What can you do?

Let’s help the citizens of Ukraine!

Due to the aggression of the Russian Federation towards Ukraine, we are organizing help for refugees who seek shelter in our commune. We encourage everyone to support our friends.

How can you help?

Lokalna Grupa Pojezierze Razem has opened a bank sub-account to which you can deposit funds that will be allocated to help refugees staying in a given commune.

  • You can donate long-term food and other basic necessities.
    If you want to hand over a parcel, please visit the Commune Office in Szczecinek during office hours or at “My market” in Sporem between 2 p.m. and 5 p.m. Please contact us in advance by calling: 94 37 264 26. If you donate clothing, make sure it is new or almost unused!
  • You can accept a citizen of Ukraine under your roof?
    If you have such opportunities and would like to accept a certain number of people under your roof, please contact us by phone: 94 37 264 15. If you have already accepted a citizen of Ukraine, be sure to contact us by phone: 94 37 264 15!
  • You can get involved in helping as a volunteer.
    People who want to help with the segregation of gifts and other activities related to effective help for refugees, contact us by phone: 94 37 264 26

List of products and resources that can be donated to those in need (click)

List of products and resources that can be donated to those in need in Ukraine, including those waiting at border crossings.

Clothing and cover:

• Normal and thermal blankets.
• Sleeping bags.
• Sleeping mattress pads made of waterproof aluminum foil.
• Mattresses.
• Clothes- new.
• Raincoats.

Hygiene and cleaning measures:

• Bath / shower / soap.
• Deodorants.
• Toothpaste.
• Toothbrushes.
• Combs.
• Underwear for women, men and children.
• Sanitary pads.
• Diapers.
• Adult diapers.
• Toilet paper and paper towels.
• Towels (including microfiber).
• Trash bags.
• Disinfectants / disinfectant alcohol.
• Filtering or disposable masks.


• Food for quick preparation (instant).
• Bars (including energy bars).
• Delicacies, nuts.
• Canned food.
• Pasta, cereals for quick preparation.
• Disposable or reusable kitchen tools: deep plate, spoon, fork, knife, glass (silicone or plastic).


• Matches.
• Batteries. power banks.
• Lighting, including flashlights.
• Candles.
• First aid kits.
• Basic medical supplies: vitamins, painkillers, antipyretics, cough and cold remedies.