On behalf of the community of Szczecinek and the refugees from Ukraine, I would like to thank all donors and volunteers for the donations and help.

Yours Sincerely

Steven van Lier

My name is Steven Van Lier. I am active in the Northwest of Poland with my company I work in the municipality of Szczecinek.

Many residents in this city are originally from Ukraine, and the municipality feels connected and maintains close ties with Ukraine.

Total amount donated

€ 7.059,75

For days I have been thinking what to do for the hundreds of refugees who have arrived in Szczecinek in recent days.

In the past I have collected many goods for the relatively poor Polish population in the form of clothes and toys and now I want to support the refugees and I need your help.

With these possibilities in mind, I start this campaign where I ask you for help to make a contribution as well.

I will ensure that the goods and the donated money reach the right place at the local municipal authority without any intervention from intermediary organizations.

In the month of April and May I receive many customers in Poland who come to our estate for off-roading. They can easily take goods with them and transfer them directly to the municipality.